Come join me for a journey of rediscovery where we peel away the shadow side and blast through the layer of lies that hold you back from being the amazing you that the world has been waiting for!

What if you weren't broken? What if you didn't need fixing? What if it could be as simple as realizing you have been asleep and that you need to just wake up and remember who you really are? I believe that the symptoms you are having are simply your body's way of directing you to what you do want and I would love to discover that with you. If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me on a journey to help rediscover the you that you were meant to be. The you before the hurt, before the confusion, before the brainwashing from so many messages and images in society. Your light is still there within you, just waiting to be seen and set free. The world needs your greatness. No one benefits when you hide or dim your light.

As an early therapist, I viewed not only my clients but myself and the world as broken, wounded, and damaged. I put a lot of time and effort into "fixing" things and people. It was exhausting! Now, as a seasoned clinician with a deeper understanding, I see things differently. I believe that we all come into the world with a pure light and a direct connection to our inner magic. Trauma is no longer the thing that "breaks" people. It is simply the mind trick that causes people to forget or lose sight of who they really are.

After over 20 years of sitting with people and their stories, I have learned to trust that no matter how bad a behavior may look on the outside, that deep down, the intent of the person is good. I'm not saying the action is good… just the intent. For example, the drug addict that breaks into your home and steals your goods to sell for his next fix has the intent to numb out from his own pain, not necessarily to hurt you. The child who has become a habitual liar has the intent of avoiding more abuse from her violent parent. The bully, deep down inside, really wants to be seen, to stop feeling helpless, and to belong. If we can look beyond the behavior to the intent, magic happens. Our needs can be met in healthier ways. Self love can flourish.

For many years, I lost track of my own inner magic. I turned my back on my gifts of being an Empath and intuitive because these gifts made other people uncomfortable. This website is my way of telling the world I won't be doing that anymore! I have learned that hiding who or what I am doesn't protect anyone. It's time we all start embracing our awesomeness.

It's time we all start embracing our awesomeness. Join Me!

Helping you to move quickly and easily towards your goals and dreams... that's the essence.

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