My Work Environment

A brief overview and photo tour of my office.

A lot of thought has gone into creating an environment that feels cozy, safe, and nurturing. Lighting is low and you will feel more like you are in a living room than on a therapist's couch. There is a sofa where you can put your feet up and plenty of pillows for propping. Treats, and water, coffee, and tea are always provided. You can expect a warm welcome from Neytiri who prioritizes making you feel comfortable during your time in session. Sessions are currently being offered at 43533 Ridge Park Drive, Suite L, Temecula CA, 92591.


Come join me for a journey of rediscovery. Be the amazing you the world has been waiting for!

It's time we all start embracing our awesomeness. Join Me!

Helping you to move quickly and easily towards your goals and dreams... that's the essence.